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Chamberlain Art Advisory

We are here to demystify the art world for you, offer the opportunity to own wonderful works of art by young, contemporary artists and to build world-class art collections for our friends and clients around the world, at all levels of the art market

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Meet C A A

Contemporary Artists For Your Collection


CAA was formed as a collective bringing our skills and knowledge of the art world to build exceptional art collections for our clients. In terms of the artists we work with  it’s a small collection of talented individuals, breaking grounds in today’s art market.

I have personally known and worked successfully with these artists for many years and can confirm both their integrity and commitment to their art.  

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What we offer 

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Advisory Service

In terms of the advice we can offer you beyond the artists we collaborate with, 

is extensive knowledge and experience of galleries and auction houses around the world. We will only ever advise you on artists and institutions that we know to have the most impeccable credentials and reputation. If we don’t know about a particular area, we will be able to advise and direct you to the most important experts within a field.  If we can’t help, we will be upfront with you from the outset.

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Tom Leamon  


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Vision for Collectors

Whilst we pride ourselves on the long-term value of your art collection our primary concern is the meaning and value your art gives you and your family.  Building strength into your portfolio’s by suggesting artists and galleries who are making an impact in today’s art market. We will assist you with introductions, negotiations, installations and oversee commissions.


“meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”.

 —Pablo Picasso—



Flexible, 2016

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Philanthropy At C A A

At CAA we are committed to several important causes and charities which reflect both the passions and interests of our artists.  We firmly believe in the power of art to be an active participant for change in society.

To this end, a donation will be made to one of these causes from the sale of each work of art sold by CAA. 

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

— Albert Pike —


Andy Warhol

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Sonia Chamberlain 

After 30 years in and around the London art market I’ve been privileged to have watched and be involved in its extraordinary growth as one of the worlds great art centres and cultural cities.

After achieving my masters at Royal College of arts and specialising in fine art Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art I started my apprenticeship with ground breaking art institutions and museums. 

My transition to commercial galleries in 2002 ignited my passion to assist and build inspired art collections. 

I have worked as a freelance Art Consultant for over 10 years now partnering with world class galleries and educational institutions sharing my knowledge of the arts and working closely with a collective of artists I want to champion and place in collections.

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“I have known Sonia for many years and I have never come across anyone as passionate about art or as committed to her clients and artists as she is.” 

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Really looking forward to meeting you in person, by phone or online!

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